Shipping Your Puppy

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We ship puppies the first Saturday after turning 8 weeks old. Puppies ship from Will Rodgers World Airport in Oklahoma City via American Airlines.

For us, the drive to and from the airport is 300 miles round trip so we ask that everyone make arrangements to pick up their puppy on this particular Saturday as we ship ALL puppies at once. We do not charge customers for the trip but it takes a full day plus fuel for us to get a puppy to you.

Airlines have very strict rules when shipping your puppy in their efforts to make sure your baby arrives safely. The major airline rule that customers should understand is the temperature restrictions. American Airlines will only accept the puppies for travel “IF” the forecast temperatures in cities along the route are between 45 degrees Fahrenheit and degrees 85 degree Fahrenheit. American Airlines uses to arrive at the forecast temp.

Flights cannot be booked earlier than 72 hours prior to departure-it’s at this time during booking that American Airlines checks the forecast temp and gives us a “YES” or “NO”.

What this means to you and I is despite our best efforts to ship on the Saturday after they turn 8 weeks- ALL THAT COULD CHANGE if the forecast temp is not in the acceptable range. We keep each customer updated on this as the day of travel approaches. If you have additional questions please contact us.

Please bring a tool to cut plastic zip ties in the locations in the photo to access your puppy!

We are required to drill each corner of the kennel and secure each with a plastic zip tie as shown in the photo. We understand that you will want to get the pup out as soon as possible so please bring a pair of wire nips, pocket knife or what ever you prefer to cut these ties and access your puppy! You will be picking up your puppy at the cargo counter which normally does not require you to pass security or metal detectors so you should be ok. Please contact American Airlines for the location and directions to their cargo terminal at your airport.

All flights usually have a 1-2 hour layover along the way. We provide additional food/water attached to the kennel should there be an additional delay. All kennels have food/water trays attached to the door. We also try and slip a toy in for the puppy when the local attendant will allow it. Papers for your pup are also attached to the kennel in a packet which will include parents pedigrees, signed breeder forms and instructions for registering your puppy with the PTCA. I will provide a link to those instructions here soon.

Contact American Airlines 24/7 at their Expert Animal Help Desk for questions concerning cargo at your particular airport.

Health certificates. We bring two copies (the original and one extra) issued and signed by a licensed veterinarian within 10 days of travel for both the outbound and return trips. 10 days or fewer prior to travel we take your pup to Red Earth Animal Hospital for a full health exam. We provide a copy for you and the airlines in a packet attached to the top of the kennel.

Keep in mind that two puppies may share the same kennel if each is less than 20 lbs. and less than six months old. All puppies must be at least eight weeks old and weaned. This means that you can ship two puppies for the same price as one. There is no additional costs involved in the second puppy.

To keep costs down we shop for the best buys on a quality kennel for your puppy. Our kennels will comply with these kennel construction guidelines.

Kennel Construction

Kennels must be made from rigid plastic, metal or wood with a metal grated door.
Kennels must also be leak and escape proof, in good working condition and secured with metal nuts, bolts or screws (ensure screws are not exposed which may cause serious injury). Please note that it’s common and acceptable for kennels to have nuts (or wingnuts) and bolts that are metal and covered with a plastic coating on the outside.
Kennels must have adequate ventilation on at least three sides for domestic routings, and on all four sides for international routings.
Kennels wheels, if any, must be rendered inoperable or removed completely.

Snap-sided kennels, modified or adapted snap-side kennels (including the addition of nuts, bolts or screws), collapsible or folding kennels.
Plastic and top-opening doors.
Kennel Interior
Kennel should be roomy enough for your pet to stand and sit erect without your pet’s head (including ears) touching the top. Your pet must be able to stand, sit and lay as they normally would.
Two dishes (one for food and one for water) must be attached to the inside of the kennel. Dishes must be accessible from the outside without opening the door.
There must be enough food supplied for a 24 hour period.
Make sure the kennel is clean with no offensive odors.
Please place absorbent material along the bottom.
Not Acceptable: Hay, wood shavings or straw.

Kennel Exterior

In case there should be a delay, please tape a small bag of dry food to the top.
Place “Live Animal” and “This Side Up” labels (or directional arrows) on the top and at least two sides. The letters must be at least one inch tall.
Please attach a label with feeding and watering instructions, unless you have written instructions from an accredited veterinarian to not feed or water the animal.
Also, attach a note that states food and water was offered within four hours of the flight.

This website is new and actually a work in progress as we raise these two litters. We will be adding much more information over the coming weeks so please check back often.